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Facebook to shut down three apps – Moves, tbh and Hello – owing to low usage

Facebook has announced it is shutting down a few apps claiming that those have failed to evoke the kind of response that it had initially anticipated. Those apps on the chopping list include the teen focused anonymous app tbh, fitness app Moves and the caller ID app Hello.

Facebook said all data associated with the three apps would be deleted within the next 90 days. This again is something that many would really have a keen interest in given the several data leak scandals that Facebook has got involved in. And the three apps in question do have user data of sensitive nature. Nonetheless, the three apps aren’t likely to live that long even though Facebook is yet to come up with a fixed schedule as to when the apps would be culled.

Facebook on its part has stated they are forced to shut down the apps as it aims to focus on its more profitable ventures. Facebook, of course, hasn’t named any such but those likely are Instagram, WhatsApp and such which have several hundred million profiles. In contrast, the combined user base of the three apps runs into a few million at best.

The above move will no doubt be disappointing for those who still have been clinging on to the apps though Facebook has lamented there is no way they can continue while user interest in the apps continues to be lack lustre at best. There is no word yet if the workforce associated with the three apps would be laid off.

What is even more interesting is that it has just been Oct. 2017 that it had acquired tbh and nine months down the line, its existence is in question. Short for ‘to be honest,’ the app allows users to arrange short quizzes for their friends to vote on. While that is fun, that all of it happened while keeping the identity concealed further added to the fun factor.

Moves, on its part, happens to be a fitness-oriented app and aimed to make working out more of a social activity than anything else. People using the app can post their progress on the app that again would be visible to their friends.

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As for Hello, it allowed users to link their Facebook profiles to their caller lists. Once that is done, the user would be able to see the Facebook profile of the caller, thereby enabling the user to have a better idea of who is calling and will be better informed whether or not to take the call.