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Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 official press renders get leaked online

Tablet devices may not be as much in vogue as it used to be till even a few years back but that does not mean companies have stopped making them. Rather, we do have an early glimpse of Samsung’s take on a new generation tablet which will serve as a successor to the company’s Tab S3 launched last year.

Also, the leaked images are being touted as official renders, which makes it seem a lot more authentic as well. As is evident with what can be considered to be the Tab S4, the tablet lacks a physical home button while the bezels along the sides are quite thin compared to its predecessor.

The new Tab S4 is also a bit longish in its stance, which makes one believe it might not comply with the same 4:3 aspect ratio that the S3 came with. Also, the thin bezels along the sides would mean the fitment of a larger display while keeping the overall dimension of the device the same. Another unique aspect with the bezels is that they are of uniform width along all the four edges and it does look cool.

Further, the lack of the home button is another significant design development to be noticed with the Tab S4. This has also led many to speculate this could be an indication of the inclusion of the long cherished under-screen fingerprint sensor, something that Samsung has been really keen to introduce on its flagship smartphone devices for the last few years.

The absence of a fingerprint sensor at the rear has also fuelled speculation the under-screen fingerprint sensor might, after all, become a reality with the Tab S4. The rear other wise looks quite similar to the S3, save for the single lens rear cam now sitting slightly lower along the top middle. The same on the S3 has been almost along the top edge.

Another change to be noticed is that the Samsung logo is now placed along the rear, a significant shift from its earlier position on the top bezel. This, in turn, is being considered to be a deliberate move to make space for the fitment of an iris scanner. The same however can’t be made out in the press renders at the moment.

Meanwhile, the rear also houses the ‘Tuned by AKJ’ stamp, which no doubt should be an indication of the tablet having better audio capabilities than ever before.

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As for its specs, the S4 likely will come powered by a Snapdragon 845 processor mated to a 4 GB RAM along with 64 gigs of native storage. The tablet is also expected to sport a 10.5-inch display along with a 7300 mAh battery.