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Google rules out Duplex deployment for call centers

Google Duplex is all about letting humans interact with others without letting the other end know they have in fact dealt with mechanical voices in reality. While that goes on to highlight the sort of progress that technology has made in mimicking the human voice, the role of AI in adding depth to such conversations can’t also be ruled out as well.

All of that makes it quite an exciting prospect for consumers to have access to such advanced features, and it’s equally heartening to see Google too being all too eager to oblige to them. That said, it is the call centers that too have evinced strong interest for the Google Duplex even though Google has stated they are only eager to serve the consumer segment at the moment.

For the call centers and other such business organizations that have to engage in a lot of consumer interaction, their eagerness for Duplex is understandable in that the AI backed system will enable them to carry on with a lot of routine interactions without human intervention. The system won’t, however, replace the human workforce entirely just yet as more complex scenarios will still need to be dealt with the humans.

However, for Google to be focusing on the consumers might have its reasons as its one end of the system that the company seems to be working on right now. That refers to the general populace dealing with business and not the other way around as call centers will need. That has made Google to steadfastly remain committed to the consumer segment at the moment though there is no reason to believe the call centers too will have their way later on.

In fact, it would make for a case scenario of mighty interesting proportions, of machine voices dealing with each other. Take for instance a consumer calling up a business establishment for info and the call-in turn is also attended to by another machine voice trying to meet up with the pseudo consumer’s demand. It’s only when the situation turns out to be tricky that the control is handed over to a real human.


Till then, it is only the consumers who can look forward to some serious AI based assistant taking up more of their routine tasks in dealing with businesses.