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Apple to delay shipments of 6.1-inch iPhone owing to LCD backlight leaking issue

Apple might have to put off the sale of the low-cost 6.1-inch iPhone model till October due to some production issues with the LCD panels.

This is believed to be delaying things to the point that the new iPhone won’t be reaching store shelves for at least a month after the device is launched in September.

Apple is scheduled to launch the new iPhone range at an event in September. There is going to be the new 5.8-inch iPhone X, and the 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus launched during the September event. Experts, however, believe the 6.1-inch iPhone too will be launched during the same event. It is just that it will go on sale a month later. That, however, is still better than the earlier schedule that had pegged the delay at 6 weeks at the least.

As for reasons for the delay, much of that has to do with the LCD panel leaking light. Apple is believed to be employing an innovative backlight technology on the new iPhone that has the display stretched to be almost bezel-free.

However, the challenge here is to offer vibrant and rick colors while still offering an almost bezel-less design.

The iPhone X and iPhone X Plus meanwhile feature OLED panels, and both are on schedule to go on sale during September itself.

Apple might have to start the mass production of the iPhone later than expected, which translates to a delay in the phone reaching showrooms. That, however, can’t be the best piece of news the Cupertino based company would like to comes across at the start of the holiday season. Shopping frenzy is at its peak during this time of the year, and Apple will have one device less to entice buyers.

What makes the low-cost iPhone crucial for the company is its relatively affordable pricing compared to flagship iPhone X and iPhone X Plus. With no contender in the entry-level high-end phone segment for an entire month, that akin to ceding ground to the competition. Worth mentioning, Samsung too has the Note 9 up for sale a month before the 2018 iPhone range, which means a viable alternative that prospective iPhone buyers might well try out.