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Apple bans Alex Jones’ Infowars podcasts from iTunes

Apple has stated it is curtains down for Infowars podcasts on iTunes and Apple Podcasts for the simple reason that it violated the company’s guidelines on hate speech. This effectively means Alex Jones, the right-wing conspiracy theorist is completely banned from Apple’s platform as of now.

There is no word till when the ban will last though, that also means it is going to be for an indefinite period. This also perhaps is the harshest that Alex Jones has had so far given that his line of though hasn’t gone down well with most other media outlets. Getting banned is also nothing new for Jones given that he already is under the scanner of most other social media services.

Those include YouTube where his Infowars channel was banned for 90 days.

Jones’ personal Facebook page too had been banned for a day.

Spotify and Stitcher too have confirmed it has done away with Jones’ podcasts from their respective platforms. Apple meanwhile also stated they had removed five of Jones’ podcasts that it deemed most controversial.

Jones has created half a dozen podcasts and were released under the Infowars banner with social media services finding fault with most of them. Google and Facebook said they have removed four videos each. It is just that Apple has gone a step ahead and removed five of those, with the only one remaining titled ‘Read News With David Knight’.

Jones mostly dealt with topics such as the terror attack on the 2001 World Trade Center, San Bernardino terrorist attack or the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting incident at Connecticut in his podcasts. However, he was widely criticized for his conspiracy theories around the two incidents.

If Jones is to be believed, the above-mentioned terror attack or mass shooting cases isn’t what it seems like but has more to it than meets the eye. For instance, the World Trade Center case is being propagated to have been pulled off by an insider within the US administration and so on.