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Apple’s new AMOLED iPhone version with Apple Pencil support coming soon

The forthcoming Apple iPhone devices might have support for Apple Pencil. That’s the latest rumor we have on the new gen iPhone due out this fall, and which undoubtedly is the most sensational of all that we have had so far.
This if true will also make for a comprehensive makeover for the iPhone that has historically been known to have less of an affinity towards styluses. Even the late Steve Jobs too has been particularly skeptical about making the iPhone receptive to stylus inputs.

However, more recent changes in the entire mobile computing landscape might have forced Apple to rethink its stance on styluses once again. And from what seems to be a possibility, at least the OLED iPhone models would be the one that are touted to come with support for Apple Pencil. That, if true, will make the 6.1-inch base iPhone with LCD panel to be the only one that won’t have an accompanying Apple Pencil.

Samsung has been quite successful with its Galaxy Note series that come with the S Pen and are targeted more at the professionals. If the upcoming iPhone too feature Apple Pencil support, that would naturally translate to increased competition for Samsung that has so far benefitted from being the lone player at the flagship segment with its Note range of phones.

Apple is speculated to launch at least three iPhone models this year. Those will have 6.1-inch, 5.8-inch, and 6.5-inch of a display, with only the latter two featuring an AMOLED panel. The entry-level 6.1-inch iPhone will have an LCD panel and will be the only one to miss out on the Apple Pencil support.

However, while it could be a topic of debate whether the upcoming iPhone will come with Apple Pencil, there is considerable doubt if the phone will have an internal slot to house the Pencil. At least, renderings and other leaks that we have had so far does not seem to suggest so. That again makes carrying the stylus externally to be a cumbersome experience. Plus, there also are reservations about the Apple Pencil charging mechanism that again isn’t the most hassle-free of all.

In contrast, the Galaxy Note 9 has a neat slot to host the S Pen. The S Pen itself has undergone a major modification that includes having its own power source as well as Bluetooth connectivity. The latter bit again enables the S Pen to be used to activate the camera shutter from a distance and so on.

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Apple, therefore, will have to ensure its Pencil too offers comparable features, if not better to stand up to the competition from the Galaxy Note 9. It will be mighty interesting to see what comes of it ultimately, whether the new iPhones does include the Apple Pencil in the package.