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Amazon plans to launch eight new Alexa powered smart gadgets soon

Amazon is reported to have lined up at least eight new Alexa powered devices for launch sometime soon, people familiar with the matter has confirmed. Among the new range of devices slated for launch include a new amplifier, subwoofer, a new in-car gadget, a receiver along with a microwave as well.

Details of the other gadgets are still a mystery at the moment.

Amazon is expected to announce an event soon to launch the products as the report also mention the company plans to introduce the new devices before the end of the year itself. Needless to say, all of the devices will be voice controlled and will be Alexa enabled.

The new line-up of Alexa powered devices also reflects Amazon’s new-found keenness of having a bigger presence within the household. The strategy for the company so far was to let device makers use its Alexa smart digital assistant to be integrated with gadgets made by others. A Sonos amplifier and a GE microwave both featuring Alexa are fine examples of that. However, with its own smart gadgets on the way, this will no doubt pitch the company in direct competition with its gadget partners.

However, there are enough evidence of Amazon having grand plans of shaping itself into a smart connected device maker. It had also acquired the smart doorbell maker Ring earlier this year and has so far launched several smart security related gadgets. And if all of those aren’t enough, there also are reports of the company working on a futuristic smart robot as well.

Amazon’s eagerness on this front is also understandable considering that it isn’t the lone player in this segment anymore. Rather, others like Google has already stolen the lead when it comes to smart speaker sales, having sold more Google Home speakers than Amazon in the first quarter of the year. Then Google also has display enabled smart speakers lined up for launch that seem to be better than the Echo Show.

In fact, beyond the Alexa powered microwave, a mysterious in-car gadget, and a few sound systems, it won’t be surprising to see Amazon launch new versions of the current crop of Echo devices.