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Facebook dating app is now live but only in Columbia

The dating site that we all knew Facebook has been working on is now live. However, that applies to only users in Columbia as that happens to be the only geographical location where the dating site is currently launched.

Nonetheless, this also happens to be the first instance that users at large are getting a first-hand experience of the dating app. Interestingly, even though it might be referred to as a dating app, it lacks an independent existence as such even though it sure has its own identity.

What that means is that the dating app would still be residing within the main Facebook app where in reality it would be accessible as a separate app and now you can delete your benaughty account. However, users will be required to set up a separate profile to access the app in addition to a profile on the Facebook app that too is mandatory. That is not all as the app – if it can be so said – will only be accessible to those who have their own dating profiles while Facebook users at large will have zero access to the dating app.

Also, with the extensive info that Facebook already has of its users, it is only natural it would be drawing upon those as it attempts to make the right match for members of its dating app. Among the factors that would be taken into consideration include all the comments made, the groups subscribed to as well as the likes, or for that matter, the reaction the user might have made to a given post.

In other words, such info will go into the making of a character map sort of thing for each member of the dating app. This again will serve as the basis for making match suggestions to other prospective matches. Also, of course, there would be the option for the members to interact with each other though users will have to answer specific questions to get conversing.

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In fact, this is also where Facebook might have the edge over its to-be competitors like Tinder as the social media site already has a wealth of information about its users. That said, with the frequent data leak scandals that Facebook has often found itself mired in, its Dating app members surely will like to see none of that happening with them.