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Consumer Report says iPhone XS is good but Note 9 is the best

Consumer Reports have done the rounds of the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and have come up with a detailed review of both the devices. The results aren’t too encouraging though in that it claims the new iPhone boasts some improvement in battery performance while camera too has improved a bit though all of those does not seem to be enough to unsettle the king of the lot, the Samsung Note 9.

Among the tests that CR put the new iPhones through include exposure to a robotic finger that simulates the sort of activity an average human would do with the device on any day. And the results proved enough to impress CR who claimed the iPhone XS could last 24.5 hours on a single charge while the XS Max does a little better at 26 hours. For comparison, the iPhone X lasted 19.5 hours on a single charge.

However, the CR report also highlighted how lazy the new iPhones can be when it comes to recharging itself. To put that in figures, the iPhone XS needed 195 mins to go from zero to 100% battery power while the same for the iPhone XS Max stands at 210 mins. In contrast, the Note 9 performs noticeably better, requiring just 105 mins to reach full charge from zero.

As for the camera, the CR report claimed any improvement is just marginal at best compared to its predecessor, the iPhone X. In particular, the testers claim the iPhone XS and XS Max capable of shooting brilliant still photos that excel in clarity and resolution. However, any improvement here is again marginal over the Note 9, with the latter still capable of exemplary shots.

Further, the CR report also gave the iPhone XS and XS Max higher rating when it comes to outright performance. That has a lot to do with the new A12 Bionic chip that the new iPhones come with which Apple described has been specially designed to allow for enhanced performance while being frugal with the battery. The report also pegged the new iPhones to have better performance compared to the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and even the Note 8.

The report, however, came down heavily on both the flagship iPhones when it comes to durability and have even suggested buyers of the new iPhones to invest in a good quality case to ensure the phones remain safe. That again has to do with the considerable damage the iPhones suffered after just 50 rounds in the drop tests. In contrast, the Note 9 survived 100 rounds while still having its glass intact while picking up only a few minor dents.


On the whole, the iPhone XS and XS Max duo returned scores of 82, with both the Samsung flagships, the S9 and Note 9 flanking either side with scores of 81 and 83 respectively.