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Google challenges iPad and Echo with Pixel Slate and Home Hub

The Made by Google event at New York did yield the new Pixel 3 range new Pixel 3 rangenew Pixel 3 range though those surely aren’t the only hardware the company came up with today. For there also is the Pixel Slate tablet and Keyboard that were launched during the same event, as is a Google Home Hub smart speaker system with its own integrated display.

Google Pixel Slate tablet:

Coming to the new Pixel Slate first, the tablet can be seen as a direct competitor to the likes of the new Surface Go or the iPad Pro. Towards that the Pixel Slate comes with a 12.3-inch display and comes with an optional cover that also doubles up as the keyboard and the stand.

The keyboard connects to the tablet via Bluetooth and offer rounded button with integrated backlighting.

The Pixel Slate also features dual front firing speakers and has an integrated Titan Security chip for enhanced protection. That is not all as the top mounted power button also hides a fingerprint sensor for secure log-ins. The tablet however lacks a 3.5mm headphone jack. As for its imaging abilities, the tablet comes with a 8-megapixel front and rear cams.

Google said the tablet would cost $599 which unfortunately does not include the keyboard cover, which is going to set one back an extra $199. No shipping dates have been mentioned just yet with Google only stating the tablet is going to be available later this year itself.

The tablet will also be available only in a shade of navy blue initially though there is no word yet if there are more color options set for launch later on.

Google Home Hub:

The new Home Hub is for Google what the Echo Show is for Amazon. However, Google can be considered to have sort of an edge here given that the display serves to show YouTube videos, something that the Echo Show lacks owing to the tussle between the two tech giants. The display also draws upon Google Photos to act as a smart picture frame as well.

Also of course, the display will act as a visual medium for the Google Assistant to express itself.

Another unique aspect with the Home Hub is that it comes with Voice Match tech which will enable it to recognize the voice of different users within the same house. The Home Hub can also be used to control other smart devices in the home.

The Home Hub is on offer for $149 and pre-orders for the same is currently being accepted, with deliveries slated to begin Oct. 22. The smart speaker will however only be available in the US, UK and Australia at the moment with no words when it is going to launch elsewhere in the world.