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Samsung introduces new notched design for all-screen displays

Samsung might have resisted the idea of notches so far though that seems to be changing now. For the company has showcased a few smartphone designs during its developer’s conference incorporating the famous notch but in quite an interesting manner.

The above also signals a change in the company’s approach to Infinity Displays we have had so far with the same now incorporating the notch. In fact, Samsung showcased four smartphone designs with varying notch shapes each with a unique name. For instance, there is the Infinity-U which points to the notch being of ‘U’ shape. That again is the most conventional one and is something first started with the Essential phone.

Then there is the Infinity-V, which as the name implies comes with a ‘V’ shaped notch. This again is quite conventional and similar to Infinity-U save for the ‘V’ shape for the notch at the top. Samsung, however, didn’t specify how different Infinity-U will be from Infinity-V or it is just about the shape.

If that is not all, there is also the Infinity-O, which as the name again implies, comes with an ‘O’ shaped notch. However, in what makes for a bizarre design choice, the notch has been placed along the top left corner. Also, Samsung only showed off the top end of its new Infinity displays which makes one curious to know if there is going to be a chin at the bottom as is the current practice with most notched displays.

However, Samsung isn’t done yet as it also showcased what it preferred to call as New Infinity. That implies to a complete absence of the notch and should signal the first Samsung smartphone with an all-screen front. Also, no points for guessing it is the New Infinity that would apply for the Samsung flagship range, with the upcoming S10 likely to be the first contender for the all-screen display technology.

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Another aspect that too remains shrouded in mystery is whether Samsung will have a different take on the notch by packing it with some other sensor package to deliver something better. Or whether it’s going to be the same approach as adopted by other smartphone manufacturers that have packed in the front facing cam along with the usual sensor package within the notch.