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Mark Zuckerberg orders its staff to use Android post Apple rebuke on privacy issues

Facebook has taken its rivalry with Apple to a new high when company CEO Mark Zuckerberg ordered its executives to use Android smartphones instead of Apple devices. However, it is not known if the above is just a directive that merely suggests users to switch over to Android or is a strict order that all are bound to follow.

Zuckerberg’s strong stance in favor of Android can, however, be directly related to the rather blunt comments that Apple CEO Tim Cook made against Facebook accusing the social network company of not being responsible enough when dealing with the privacy of people’s lives.

Such remarks are no doubt a tacit move to highlight Apple’s concerns about privacy and how the company regards user’s privacy as a basic human right and never a business tool.

Cook had made such remarks after details of the infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal began to unearth. That again was on top of the huge scandal wherein Facebook came to be accused of propagating fake news which many believes played a crucial role in the manner Donald Trump came to be elected as the President of the United States.

Not surprisingly, such comments were enough to piss off Zuckerberg who ordered his staff to switch over to Android, if they aren’t users of the Google OS already. That might not make much of a difference to Apple though considering that Android already happens to be the largest used platform the world over compared to iOS.

Android has an extensive user base in Europe, Asia, Latin America along with several other pockets the world over.

In contrast, while iPhones are also widely used the world over, its user base happens to be the densest in the US along with China. As such, while it remains to be seen if Facebook’s Android-only orders will have any perceivable effect in Apple’s own backyard, what can’t be denied is that Apple has emerged as the world’s first trillion dollar company while Facebook has seen both its popularity and profits slump significantly in recent times in the US and elsewhere.