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Apple starts Entrepreneur camp to provide impetus to women entrepreneurs

Apple has announced the launch of its new female-centric Entrepreneur Camp which the company said is aimed at making women entrepreneurs better manage any app-based businesses they are already into. Those interested should, however, be the owners, co-owner or be in the leadership role of any company.

Another requisite is that the company’s development team should have at least one women developer.

That is not all as the company should have at least one working app though which the company conducts its businesses. Apple, however, clarified this isn’t an initiative to help the women give shape to their dreams but to further nurture their efforts that they have already put into their businesses. The camp starts January next and will involve top-notch developers and other tech staff who will be assisting the women to better manage their business.

The camp initially will be accepting 10 companies who in turn will have the option to send up to 3 attendees to Apple’s Cupertino establishment in California. After that, the camp will be held in every quarter and will accept a representative from 20 companies in each session.

All of the companies will get to have a first-hand interaction with Apple’s engineers in diverse fields such as app coding, design, dealing with the technological aspect of the app along with its marketing as well. Those apart, each of the participating company will also qualify to send two members to the next year’s WWDC event as well.

However, while Apple’s effort is indeed laudable, this can also be a tacit ploy on the part of Apple to further propagate their ecosystem to the women in businesses, which includes the app and platform that Apple stands for.

Then there also is the aspect of letting the women having a feel of the new age machine learning and AI methodologies to manage their businesses while Apple gets another chance to showcase their company’s services and features. That can also be the reason Apple is open to accepting women entrepreneurs who aren’t in the company ecosystem as well.