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Apple claims iPhone XR is a bestseller right from day one, no sales data available

The new iPhone XR is the bestselling iPhone for the company and has been so ever since it was launched. This has been claimed by the company vice president of product marketing, Greg Joswiak though unfortunately, there are no sales figures to back up that.

The above claim is also being seen as an attempt to allay fears of the supposedly budget iPhone version not doing well enough. This also comes on the back of a recent report claiming Apple having actually downsized its production and shipping estimates for the iPhone XR amidst waning demand.

Apple had earlier launched three iPhone versions – iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max which made for the most diverse phone range it had ever come up with. However, critics argued the new iPhone range offers little more than what last year’s iPhone X already did but is still priced way more than their predecessor. Even the lowest priced iPhone XR is priced on the other side of $750.

Apple meanwhile had recently stated they would stop reporting actual sales figures of the iPhone but did not provide any reason for the same. This is quite contrary to the usual practice when the company would come up with elaborate sales data with iPhone sales being quoted in millions of units sold. Unfortunately, none of that from this year and experts are claiming that is to save Apple the ignominy of having to report a sales decline of what used to be its bestselling hardware range.

In any case, Greg might still be telling the truth after all as given how pricier the iPhone XS and XS Max is – both being above the $1k mark – and might actually be sold in lower numbers than the XR. That said, the situation can’t exactly be considered to be dire just yet as Apple has managed to keep the profit margins intact irrespective of device sale figures.

That makes it really interesting to see if the iPhone range continues to as profitable for Apple as it has been over the years. Also, with a smartphone already reaching a state of saturation, it will also be interesting to see how Apple manages to keep interest on the iPhone going.

Why you shouldn’t buy Apple iPhone XR?

As it is, other manufacturers like Samsung have already devised modifications on the basic smartphone design which involves designing a foldable phone. It remains to be seen if Apple too has something of that sort to remain competitive even though it has been traditionally a slow adopter of change.