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Apple expected to launch AirPods 2 in early 2019, AirPower mat yet not in sight

Those who might have been waiting for Apple to release a new AirPods version are in for some good news; for the AirPods 2 is likely to arrive sometime in early 2019 itself.

The above has come on the back of another report from market analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who claimed the upcoming AirPods 2 would succeed by a completely new model that is forthcoming in 2020 itself. That is not all as Kuo also added demand for the AirPods isn’t likely to wane any time soon. On the contrary, the AirPods 2 sales could hit 55 million units in 2019, with the same doubling to 110 million in 2020 when the new AirPods sporting a new design hits the market.

Meanwhile, details about the new AirPods 2 is scarce at the moment though experts opine the device will have better Bluetooth functionality as well as better waterproofing as well. The AirPods 2 will also likely come with noise cancellation technology for a more distraction-free listening experience. Also, of course, there is going to be support for hands-free operation as users simply have to say – ‘Hey Siri’ to get their job done.

Further, the AirPods 2 is also believed to be compatible with wireless charging technology though it’s not known if the device will be able to charge sans the holding case and on its own. In any case, the diminutive AirPods 2 will be better off with the case given that the earbuds are prone to get misplaced without the case.

However, what the brand new AirPods that is due post-2020 will look like is unknown at the moment though it is expected to have a complete redesign of sorts. As it is, the current gen AirPods went in for some criticism for its looks when first launched back in 2016. That, however, failed to dent its popularity by much given that it is expected to sell more than 28 million in this year itself, which makes for a modest increase from the estimated 16 million that it sold in 2017.

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Meanwhile, there is no news about the AirPower mat that was supposed to underscore the new found wireless charging abilities of Apple’s mobile devices. The AirPower was showcased as being capable of charging multiple devices at one go though unfortunately, it continues to be elusive as yet.