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Foxconn to manufacture Apple X series iPhones in India

Foxconn is all set to expand its operations in India with plans to manufacture a more advanced version of the Apple iPhone at its plant in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. More specifically, the plant will now be able to produce iPhone X series of phones in the country. A formal announcement to this effect is expected soon in early 2019.

This again would mark a significant departure from the earlier norm where low-cost models were assembled in India. Those included the iPhone 6s or the iPhone SE. The increase in the scope of Foxconn’s India operation can be attributed to what is being termed as Project Fruit which saw an additional investment to the tune of around $214.2 million for the expansion of the plant, a move that is also expected to create up to about 25,000 new jobs in the country.

Apart from Foxconn, another of Apple’s manufacturing partner, Wistron too has set up base in the country but has a limited scope in being able to only assemble the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE in the country. However, Wistron too had announced their keenness to up their ante in Indian by going for production of the latest range of iPhone at its Indian plant.

However, all of this comes at a time Apple itself is facing challenging times what with its new iPhone range failing to make it big in the market. That apart, iPhones aren’t too big a deal in India as well considering the high price they sell for. And the company does not have to offer anything in the mid-range segment which happens to be the most sought after in India.

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If that is not all, Apple is also under increasing pressure from the Trump administration to bring back its productions lines in America. The government has also threatened the imposition of an additional 10 percent tax if Apple does not start producing its iPhones in the country. It seems the company has quite a few things to sort out at the moment.