Home Technology Apple launches new iPhone XR, XS and XS Max cases for $129

Apple launches new iPhone XR, XS and XS Max cases for $129

Apple has released new battery integrated cases for its latest iPhone models – the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR which, as intended, are designed to add to the battery life of the phones. The company was already known to be working on the new cases but has chosen for a soft launch of the accessory on its Apple Store site without any fanfare. The cases are all priced $120 a pop irrespective of the phone they are meant for.

The cases though do little to hide its battery hump with the edges softened out a bit to make it look easy on the eyes. What makes things a bit more ungainly is that the battery isn’t spread out through the entire length of the phone but only midway through its length. That sure has been done to accommodate the camera at the rear though the end result is that the iPhone with the case on looks unusually wide from the side while being the usual slim and trim towards the top.

Looks aside, Apple has stated the new cases are wireless ready, which means it can be charged wirelessly as well when coupled to a wireless charger. The company has specified any Qi-certified chargers to be compatible with the new case given that the required circuitry is already built into the case. That apart, the iPhones with the case on can also be charged quickly using a USB-C compatible charger, besides the usual USB-C to Lightning cable as well. The company though hasn’t stated the exact size of the battery fitted in the cases.

As for its benefit, Apple has stated the case will boost battery life considerably for the new iPhones, which for the iPhone XR will lead to internet usage times of 22 hours, up from the 15 hours of internet usage time that the base iPhone model provides for. Similarly, the internet usage times for the iPhone XS and XS Max stands at 21 hours and 20 hours respectively, up from 12 and 13 hours respectively sans the case.

Also, there also is the usual advantage associated with first-party accessories given its tight integration with iOS. The benefits here include easy monitoring of the cases with the battery status available in the notification center itself.


Unfortunately, the case is applicable to only the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and XS Max with the iPhone X too left out of the party. No word yet if there is going to be a similar case for the other iPhone devices.