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Useless Redmi Note 7 stress test video is nothing but a gimmick

Chinese phones were often the butt of jokes for being cheap while lacking in quality. Xiaomi seems hell-bent to prove things or times have changed and has chosen the new Redmi Note 7 to prove just how durable a smartphone can be.

Towards that, the company has released a couple of videos where the Redmi Note 7 is seen subjected to intense torture like being tossed down the stairs or being used as a skateboard, with the phone surviving on each occasions.

In one of the videos, Redmi CEO Lu Weibing is seen placing the Note 7 in a metal basket and covering the same with a transparent sticky tape. The whole thing – the basket with the phone inside – is then thrown down a flight of stairs. Of course, it’s brutal for something designed to be caressed gently in our hands or pockets. The phone too is shown getting stomped along the basket sides though surprisingly, the device comes out with flying colors, with nary a scratch, dent or damage as such.

If all of that seems savage, something more severe is awaiting the device. For another video shows a man attaching two of the Note 7 devices with wheels and attempting to use each as a skateboard. Though he slipped eventually, he did stand on the phone for a brief period which means the phones were subjected to his entire weight even if that was only for a few seconds.


That alone would have been enough to reduce any phone to a heap of glass and electronic bits though not for the Redmi Note 7. Not only did the phone withstand the extreme torture, it continued to be usable at the end of the day as well. However, these are not real life scenarios where a phone gets dent. Dropping from table edge or directly on stairs could have been better.

Worth mentioning, the new Note 7 comes with glass front and back with both being reinforced with Gorilla Glass 5 covering. The rest of the specs include a Snapdragon 710 chipset coupled to 3, 4 or 6 gigs of memory. Then there also is a massive 48 mp rear camera as well even though all of it costs just CNY 999 in China. That translates roughly to the Rs. 10k to Rs. 12k, making the new Note 7 extremely desirable given the specs it packs in at the above price point.

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As for its India launch, nothing has been set in stone as yet though it’s expected to happen around the end of January 2019.