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Samsung Galaxy S10 with punch hole display and Blockchain KeyStore cryptocurrency app leaked

A new leak of the Samsung Galaxy S10 has surfaced online, revealing another look at the front of the phone which again is characterized by the punch hole display for the selfie cam.

The punch hole display is also significant in that the design theme has already caught on the fancy of the smartphone manufacturers and is seen to be the replacement of the iconic notch. With the punch hole design, there is actually a hole in the front display that serves as the opening for the front-facing cam.

In the S10, the selfie cam is seen placed along the top right while the top bezel is reduced to just a thin strip. Then there also are curved edges along the sides with zero bezel intrusions while the chin at the bottom to is virtually non-existent. With this, the S10 clearly is the first smartphone from the South Korean conglomerate with a true all-screen display. The latter again is slated to serve as a fingerprint sensor as well as per rumors and speculations so far.

The other important revelation with the latest leak is that it provides a sneak peek of the Samsung Blockchain KeyStore app for the first time ever. To explain further, the Blockchain KeyStore app is a cryptocurrency wallet app and is described as a safe and secure location to conduct transactions using cryptocurrencies.

The image also reveals Ethereum as the supported cryptocurrency though it remains to be seen if other popular options like Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin et all too joins the list. There is also going to be the in-built biometric authentication feature to ensure a secure transaction each time.

Samsung meanwhile has also announced an Unpacked event on Feb 20 which is the launch venue of the company’s forthcoming flagship phone. That is not all though as the company is also slated to launch a new flagship device in the form of a foldable phone which also happens to be the other trend that has taken the smartphone world by storm.