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LG confirms G8 ThinQ to have a 3D front facing a camera

New info on the upcoming LG flagship phone has come to the fore which states there is going to be a 3D camera on the front of the device. The company also confirmed it partnered with the Germany based firm, Infineon Technologies AG to develop what it calls as the leading edge ToF camera to appeal to selfies lovers world wide.

Earlier renders of the phone have also revealed a twin front-facing lens in the notch it has at the top, which it’s now clear will include the time of flight sensor. This will allow for more accurate 3D maps of the subject in front of it, which naturally translates to better quality images right away.

Also, with ToF sensors on board, it will be able to create better depth sensing images of its surroundings. This again will lead to more reliable face unlock feature while the much-desired background blurring effect expected in the portrait mode selfies is also expected to be more prominent.

LG further explained the rationale behind ToF sensors given how it is more accurate since it measures the dept using infra red beams that bounce off the subject. This is far better than the software algorithms that many a 3D camera uses to artificially guess the depth instead of going for an actual measurement.

Another inherent benefit of ToF sensors is that it works irrespective of the external lighting conditions. In other words, the ToF powered biometric sensors fitted on the G8 ThinQ should be able to work both indoors and outdoors, or for that matter, even in complete darkness since it relies on its own infra red light for its functioning.

No wonder LG is already hyping about all the amazing possibilities its new 3D cam enabled G8 ThinQ should be capable of apart from good quality selfies shots. This we know will be on top of the new generation of gesture control features that LG earlier had stated would be a hallmark of its new flagship phone.

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Fortunately, the G8 ThinQ is slated for launch by the end of February itself, by the time the MWC event gets underway. That means we won’t have to wait for too long to come to the bottom of all this.