Home Technology Apple to launch its News Subscription service on March 25

Apple to launch its News Subscription service on March 25

Apple is believed to be planning an event on March 25 and rumor has it that it will use the occasion to announce the launch of its new paid Apple News subscription service. As it is, Apple has already been organizing an event in March for some years now and would usually have an iPad related announcement to make on such days.

However, while Apple might still have some hardware to reveal during the event, what is almost a surety is the impending launch of its news subscription service. There also are reports of it being designed along the Netflix model of an unlimited news stream for a fixed monthly rate, which too is being pegged at around $10. The price again is something that is best ingested with a pinch of salt given its unconfirmed status.

Also, while the above should be good news for Apple fans, or for anybody who’d like to have a continuous stream of latest news delivered to their devices, publishers are reported to be not too happy with the development. And much of that has to do with the revenue sharing plan proposed by Apple wherein the iPhone maker is asking for a flat 50
percent cut right away.

According to the plan, the remaining 50 percent will then be distributed among the publishers. Here again, the share for each publisher will depend on the number of hits each of their articles have recorded. No wonder the publishers have started crying foul and are eager to see Apple agree to a less percentage cut.

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Meanwhile, Apple is also expected to make some sort of an announcement on its long-rumored TV subscription plan as well. Worth mentioning, Apple’s proposed new TV service will be another focus area for the company to form a robust service segment. Plus, new announcements regarding a new iPad can’t be ruled out either given that a new iPad Mini is already due.