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Apple expected to launch new MacBook Pro and 32-inch 6K monitor soon

Apple might be working on a new MacBook Pro device for launch sometime this year, the usually reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said. That is not all as there also is a new 32-inch 6K monitor that too might be in the works as well.

Kuo further stated its likely to be an all-new MacBook Pro device coming soon, one that will come with a 16- or 16.5-inch display. While that would form the upper crust of the new MacBook Pro range, there will likely be a smaller 13-inch model as well as part of the family. Kuo also added the 13-inch model might have support for up to 32 gigs of memory.

The above, if true, will make for a nice proposition given that the 16-inch or so model will make it the biggest MacBook Pro the company has had in its line up for a while. Also, with rumors of a new 13-inch MacBook Pro with a range-topping 32 GB RAM model doing the rounds, this would make for the most powerful MacBook Pro in its category.

Apple had a 17-inch MacBook Pro device to offer which used to be the largest of its class until it was discontinued back in 2012. Also, it is the 15-inch model that currently offers as much as 32 GB of RAM.

Meanwhile, Kuo also said Apple could be working on a new external monitor as well, one that will have a 31.6-inch display. Also, the new monitor is touted to come with an eye-popping 6K resolution featuring Mini LED-like backlight design. The company currently does not have an external monitor to offer, with its last offering, the Thunderbolt Display ceasing to be on sale since 2016.

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Apart from the above, its likely Apple might have something exciting to share with some of its other keenly awaited products. Those include the AirPods of which there is going to be a new gen device that likely will be launched soon. The AirPower charging mat is another product that has already been announced though there has been no concrete evidence of its launch so far. Fans no wonder will love to hear something positive on these soon.