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Oppo launches its take on a foldable phone, looks a lot like the Huawei Mate X

Clearly, it’s a season of foldable phones, and Oppo is the newest out there to launch its own version of a foldable phone. While that is great, the only grouse here is that the phone looks eerily similar to the Mate X that Huawei had launched earlier, right down to the left-hand grip as well where a part of the display sits flush in its folded state.

Also, the display seems to be a bit larger than the Mate X in its tablet configuration but has the same basic design in that the panel folds on the outside. This way, one half of the display remains exposed when the device is used in smartphone mode. That the other noticeable difference between the two is that the Oppo device has thicker bezels all round than those on the Mate X, making the latter to look more sleek and upmarket than the Oppo device.

Further, much like the Mate X, Oppo too uses the side grip to house the camera hardware.

The camera again is a dual lens fare sitting in a horizontal arrangement, with the LED flash sitting below it. In contrast, the Mate X comes with a triple lens camera.

Oppo, however, isn’t revealing all the details just yet, which includes the specifications or pricing structure and so on.

Th company also said they aren’t too excited with the foldable phones just yet and have expressed caution about those likely being a short-term fad than offering any real enhancement in the user experience over a long term period.

That also is the reason the company said they aren’t going for mass production of the phone at the moment and will opt for it only when it feels there is sustained demand for the same, enough to make it a profitable venture as well. Meanwhile, the company also insisted it had readied the original design of the device earlier than Huawei even though it has delayed the launch of the phone by a few days to give preference to its first 5G phone as well as the outstanding 10X zoom feature the phone’s camera is capable of.