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Fitbit Versa Lite is a simple fitness wearable that is priced just $160

Fitbit has come up with the new Versa Lite smartwatch which, as its name implies is more of a pared down version of the original Versa than have anything earth shattering to it.

That means just the basic features to go by though fortunately there is a similar readjustment for the price as well, with the new Versa Lite priced just $160.

For that much, buyers can look forward to all the features that they’d expect of a smartwatch, or for that matter, a fitness wearable. That includes the ability to track steps and heartbeats as well as the number of calories burnt. It comes with several exercise modes besides also supporting the female health tracking feature that the company had launched last year.

Fortunately, the size remains the same, which stands at 1.34-inch. The battery life too is the same 4-days, which again is quite commendable. The device will also show all notifications as its more illustrious stable mate is capable of though there sure are a few areas where the Versa Lite comes lacking.

Primary among those is the barometric pressure sensor sans which the Lite can’t point out precisely the number of steps the user has climbed.

Then there is no gyroscope as well, which again won’t allow the user of the Versa Lite to have any idea of the number of laps made in the pool. The device is waterproof though. Further, the new Lite lacks the ability to store any music, which means it can’t be a workout companion for the music buffs.

These apart, another way the new versa Lite differs from its predecessor is the single physical key it comes with instead of three buttons for original Versa. This again can be considered nice given that much of its controls can be handled right off the display itself, thereby sort of simplifying its operations.

Lastly, the Versa Lite also comes in a range of exciting color options too, making it seem a no-nonsense smartwatch for those who’d prefer something that is cheaper than the Versa.