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Google might launch a new console or streaming service at the GDC 2019

Google Game Developers Conference starts just next week, and the company has come out with a new teaser asking people to be witness to how Google shapes out the future of gaming in the coming years. To further add to the excitement, the company has also posted a short video where the viewer gets transported though a horizontal passage though the setting changes randomly from being just a hallway to a sci-fi setting, a prehistoric sort of place to even a cave.

Unfortunately, there is precious little that the video or the accompanying tweet reveals about Google’s intentions to change the future of gaming. That said, rumor mongers would like us to believe it’s all about a new game streaming service that the Mountain View company has lined up for launch. That again could be a fallout of its Project Stream efforts.

Then again, there also are chances of Google launching some sort of a new gaming hardware as well. At least, a couple of tweets by the Senior Vice President of hardware at Google, Rick Osterloh does point to such a possibility. What’s more, there also is a page already dedicated to the mystery thing at the Google Store. All of this can be an indication of some sort of a real hardware coming our way rather than just a new service.

In any case, all of this is already turning out to be the most adventurous Google has ever been at the gaming conference. A new gaming device from Google will no doubt be a huge development though a game streaming service should be equally exciting. After all, a game usually streaming from the cloud is something that all the major tech players such as Apple, or Microsoft has already been actively working on.


As for Project Stream, that happens to be another Google project which envisaged running games meant for PCs to be playable on the Chrome as well.