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Foldable Phone: Xiaomi teases while Samsung shows durability

Xiaomi is the other among the Chinese tech biggies that too has been showing off a foldable smartphone concept for some time. The company now has issued a video showing the phone in action.

The video starts by showing off a tablet with thin bezels all around. But then, the tablet neatly folds up to reveal a smartphone form factor that can easily fit into a pocket. Also, much like its other domestic competitor Huawei, the Xiaomi device too folds on the outside.

However, the one key aspect of the Xiaomi foldable phone that also makes it unique among the few such devices we have seen so far is that it folds twice. So instead of the tablet folding up longitudinally along the middle, the video depicts the users folding up twice along the edges to reveal a rather chubby looking smartphone.

In other words, the Xiaomi foldable phone in its unfolded state looks short in height but considerably wider than most smartphones currently in vogue. Also, with the phone folding on the outside, there always remains the risk of the display getting damaged in its unfolded state though, with such a design, there is less chance for the display to develop a crease after prolonged usage.

Meanwhile, Samsung too has launched a video depicting the Galaxy Fold undergoing some torture treatment. That involves subjecting the Galaxy Fold to an almost unending series of opening and closing. Needless to say, all of it is aimed at showcasing the durability of the Galaxy Fold design with Samsung also claiming the phone being capable of 500,000 folds and unfolds before showing signs of demise.


Also, another inherent advantage with the Galaxy Fold design is that it bends on the inside, which means the display has the least chances of getting damaged when not in use. Also, with a life span of 500,000 bends, Samsung estimated that should be enough to last bout 5-years of usage comfortably. Sooner or later Foldable Phone will become norm and now companies are trying to make it.