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Apple’s next iPhone might have triple rear camera housed in a square bump

Camera bumps have always been seen as an odd design feature, and the more pronounced the bump is, the more of an eye-sore the same proves to be. Unfortunately, Apple could well be adopting something of that sort with its next iPhone version, with early renders of the device depicting a square bump housing three lenses and an LED flash.

Of course, these are just renders while it also is too early to predict anything conclusively about the forthcoming iPhone version that in any case isn’t due until fall this year. But then, coming as it does from a leakster as reliable as @OnLeaks who first revealed such a design feature in January this year, it sure is something that can’t be ignored right away.

Further, the latest leaks on this have only corroborated the above with the new set of images also showing a square camera bump housing a triple lens arrangement, complete with an LED flash. All four are placed along the edge of the square placeholder with the entire thing placed along the top left corner of the iPhone’s rear.

This again should make for a nice development for the iPhone series given that it only is a couple of years back that Apple had first adopted the dual camera system. That was with the iPhone 7 Plus though worth mentioning, it’s Android counterparts still were a few years ahead with the dual rear camera system.

As for triple lens camera, Apple again can be considered to have yielded the advantage to Android what with phones with triple, quad or even Penta-camera systems already on sale or in the process of being launched. Some have also debated the use of more lenses having any considerable impact on the image quality.

For instance, Google continues to rely on a single lens setup with its latest Pixel 3, and the phone does impress with its imaging abilities. On the other side of the spectrum, the more recent Huawei P30 Pro comes with a triple lens rear camera setup and the phone simply blows away competitors of the likes of the Galaxy S10 Plus or the iPhone XS Max with its superior zooming as well as its ability to click sharp images even in seemingly pitch dark conditions.

Guess Apple too has to do something extraordinary with its iPhone 11 to stay in the competition, more so after its latest crop of iPhone devices failed in bring in much enthusiasm in the market.