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Google hints working on new tablet and laptops devices, including new platform as well

Developments such as shifting employees to other sections over the past few weeks at Google might have led many to believe the company could be winding up its laptop and tablet devices at last. However, that does not seem to be the real picture what with the company now hinting they do have new laptops and tablet devices in the making though it’s not known when those can be expected to reach store shelves.

At its Cloud Next 2019 meet, Google did suggest they have new devices in the making that are aimed primarily at the business segment given that the meet itself was headlined as ‘Introducing Google Hardware for Business’. Google also suggested the new range of devices would prove to be better products for employees than the Pixelbook or Slate could ever be.

That, of course, suggests new updated hardware for the upcoming device including the latest and powerful processor and memory setup along with other bits. However, what also seems evident is the emergence of a new operating system that would take things beyond what Android or Chrome could do for Google.

In any case, Google has already been rumored to be in the process of developing a completely new platform, one that can bridge the divide between Android and Chrome. Experts believe the new platform will help push the company’s mobile devices segment to newer heights and help the users achieve much more than they could ever do with either Android or Chrome in isolation or in conjugation.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to know what the Mountain View company’s plans are for the mobile segment, one quantified by smartphones. Those have reached a saturation point all right though it remains to be seen if the new hardware push towards new laptops and tablets will in some way affect the company’s already lucrative smartphone business. Maybe, convertible smartphones that double up as a tablet could be the way forward, and that the new platform could be specifically built for such a device segment.

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Sure all of these are speculation at the moment and it remains to be seen how things pan out here. What is a certainty though is that Google and each of its moves will be keenly watched in the coming weeks and months.