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Apple might go for 3-lens rear camera for iPhone 11 though the design looks ungainly

A less than expected demand for the current iPhone 10 coupled with relentless competition should be reason enough for Apple to take a fresh new look with its iPhone 11 plans. And one way it can make the upcoming iPhone stand apart from the competition is to provide it with a third sensor for its rear camera setup.

Now, this again isn’t anything earth-shattering considering that even Android mid-rangers have already been sporting such a camera structure for some time already. That notwithstanding, there already have been quite a few leaks depicting a square housing on the rear of the iPhone 11 hosting three sensors along with an LED flash.

According to latest reports on this, Apple might consider adding a third 12-mp wide-angle lens to allow users to cram in more details in each shot. This will be in addition to the 12-mp primary camera as well as the 12-mp zoom lens already present in the iPhone 10. Reports also point out it is the top two models, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max successors that would be getting triple rear cams while the base iPhone XR successor might have to make do with only a dual lens setup.

Unfortunately, the whole design does look a lot ungainly given the sheer protrusion that the square camera housing makes. That the whole thing is placed along the top left corner further betrays the design symmetry as well.

Rumors though claim Apple might go for a special coating to make the camera lens less visible to the eyes.
Meanwhile, a resolution bump for the front cam – from 7-mp to also 12-mp – is also being speculated. That is not all as reports also claim the front lens too might go for some special treatment to make it seem almost invisible.

It’s not known though to what extent those will serve its purpose or what things might look like after they have been provided with the special coating. Those apart, a USB-C connector along with faster 18W charger too is being associated with the next iPhone.

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Also, another aspect many have been keen to know about the upcoming iPhone 11 include its frontal design. With phones gradually adopting notch-less edge-to-edge displays, it will be interesting to see what Apple designers have in store with the new iPhone 11. Samsung has gone for a punch-hole display while OnePlus has stated they would incorporate a pop-up selfie cam with their next flagship, the iPhone 7.