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Teen sues Apple for $1 billion after being wrongly charged with case of shoplifting

A New York teen has sued Apple for an outrageous $1 billion after he was falsely arrested on charges of shoplifting at Apple stores. The teen who goes by the name Ousmane Bah also accused Apple of using facial recognition software in its stores to track theft cases but has wrongly implicated Bah of charges of robbery.

Bah, 18 also said he was attending senior prom when he is being alleged of committing the robbery, which is one alibi which worked in his favor. Plus, the NYPD detective who investigated the case and studied the actual footage from the Apple Store where the robbery took place said it isn’t Bah but someone else who committed the crime.

All of the above also proved enough for the district attorney to acquit Bah of all charges in New York and Boston though he still has to get his name cleared in New Jersey. Bah said in his lawsuit Apple’s charges have not only brought him disrepute, but he has also been forced to skip his studies as well as an exam owing to his arrest. Not to mention, the entire ordeal which started with his arrest at 4 in the morning has been quite stressful to him as well.

In an interesting twist to the case, investigators also point out its likely to be a case of mistaken identity using real identify credentials of Bah. In other words, the real thief is suspected to have used Bah’s ID which he had lost. However, the ID didn’t have Bah’s photo, but the thief went on to use Bah’s name and other details to register with Apple. This led the company to match the thief as identified in recorded footage with Bah.

Teen also said, Apple used its facial recognition tech to get him arrested at the store which scares a lot of people because of privacy infringement. Apple though has said they don’t employ facial recognition in its stores though there also remains quite some contradiction on this. That again perhaps has to do with Apple likely using the services of third party organisation – Security Industry Specialists – for the job.

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Also, while the sum being claimed is shocking enough, that also is the reason many would be keen to know the outcome of the case as well.