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Alexa will have Spanish language compatibility in the US soon

Alexa is brushing up its Spanish language skills in the US. Amazon made the announcement to this effect, claiming the new language is all set to make its debut on Alexa powered speakers later this year but refused to commit to any precise date at the moment.

The announcement is still important as this will provide developers with ample time to build enough new skills for use by the Spanish speaking consumers. That will include the usual set of communication one can expect the Spanish-speaking populace to engage in with the speaker, along with snippets of humor and other stuff as well. The new skills are going to be tested with a select few users as part of the Alexa Preview program before making it available to all.

That said, Alexa isn’t alien to the Spanish language altogether given that the Amazon smart assistant is already well versed in the language in regions of Spain and Mexico. Amazon’s eagerness to initiate the Spanish language to Alexa in the US is understandable considering that the country already plays host to the second largest concentration of Spanish-speaking people in the US.

The ever-growing popularity of Alexa smart speakers is also another reason Amazon is keen to see the smart assistant pick up on more language skills.

After all, being able to communicate in more colloquial languages will only help it appeal to a wider cross-section of people. While the same people might already be talking to their Echo speakers in English, letting them do the same in their own native language will only be far more emotionally appealing to them than anything else.

Meanwhile, Amazon also revealed Alexa with its newly acquired Spanish capabilities will not be restricted to the Echo range of smart speakers only. Instead, it will make its presence felt across a range of third-party devices as well. Amazon said talks are on with several big-name companies while several of the likes of Sony, Bose, Honeywell, TP-Link, Philips, or even Facebook are already onboard.