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Samsung is asking Galaxy Fold buyers to confirm their order before May 31

Samsung has been sending emails to those who had pre-ordered the Galaxy Fold asking if they continue to have faith on the foldable device. The company is requesting those who pre-ordered the foldable device to confirm their booking on or before May 31st, failing which those orders will be deemed cancelled.

Each cancelled order will also entitle the buyer of a full refund of any amount that they might have put in so far. Those who choose to save their line will also have the option to cancel their order anytime later and will be able to claim a full refund of their amount if the cancellations come prior to shipping of the phone.

All said, Samsung still isn’t coming up with the all-important info many have been waiting for, a firm shipping date for the phone. All it said in the mail is that they will come up with something more definitive on this in the coming weeks.

Everything with the Galaxy Fold was well on the schedule had it not for the early review units getting broken unexpectedly. Samsung is blaming that on the external protective layer which it said is not supposed to be peeled off, something that the reviewers did first thing after receiving the device for review.

While it is being debated if it’s prudent enough for the company to launch a $2000 phone where the durability of the display depends on just a peelable external layer, there also is the incidence of one particular device that had some foreign object reaching its interiors and causing the screen to bulge. The phone does not come with any IP rating against dust or water ingress.

Further, the particular device having a bulge on the display might have had some loose object within that got detached and later got stuck under the display. In any case, this also happens to be an example of poor workmanship, if not a fault with the design itself. Worth mentioning, iFixit too had hinted at the Galaxy Fold having serious flaws with the design itself, claiming it to be not durable enough.

No wonder Samsung has a tough job on its hands at the moment and it remains to be seen how it manages to come out of it.

Cancelling the device altogether is an option for the company given its vastly reduced profit margins in the last quarter though that will also be the most ignominious thing for it to do as well.