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Apple silently introduces 8-core MacBook Pro with 9th gen Intel chips

In a move that has taken everyone by surprise, Apple today launched new 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pro devices which are being billed as the fastest MacBook devices ever. And the fresh dose of performance increment owes much to the fitment of new 8th and 9th-gen processors from Intel featuring octa core architecture for the top-end models.

This also makes the new top-end MacBook Pro, to be the first, to have an octa-core processor, which makes it twice as fast as a quadcore MacBook Pro while also being 40 percent more powerful than an octa-core processor enabled MacBook Pro device.

Apart from the 8th and 9th generation Intel processors featuring 8 cores, the other salient features of the new MacBook Pro devices include Apple T2 Security Chip, SSD memories, as well as a battery that last all day long. Plus, the notebook devices run the latest MacOS Mojave, which Apple described as the OS that has been inspired by the pros but is designed to be used by just about anyone.

The 13- and 15-inch Retina display with 500 nits of brightness is another huge plus. The display also supports P3 wide color gamut and True Tone tech, all of which delivers stunning yet natural visuals. The stereo sound output also makes the notebook an ideal entertainment device as well.

That said, one aspect of the notebook device has gone for an upgrade, the keyboard. This also makes for quite a significant improvement considering that some had serious reservations with the keyboard of previous MacBook Pro devices.

Interestingly, Apple isn’t saying anything much about the new keyboard, except that it has been made using a new material. Apple also explained this will help remedy the issues that many faced with the previous generation keyboard, such as double key presses or key presses getting missed altogether.

Apple is also offering free replacement of faulty butterfly keyboards for those MacBook Pro 2016 devices that might have experienced issues with their keyboard units. However, not all MacBook Pro models qualify for a free upgrade.

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Instead, it’s only the MacBook Pro devices with the third-generation butterfly keyboard, which includes the 2018 MacBook Pro and the 2018 MacBook Air that would be getting the new 2019 keyboard units. As for its price, the new 13-inch MacBook Pro devices start at $1,799 while the 15-inch MacBook Pro starts at $2,399.