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Xiaomi teases Mi 9T featuring all-screen front and pop-up selfie camera

Hot on the heels of launching the K20 and K20 Pro, Xiaomi is now hyping the Mi 9T which is going to be another one to be targeted at the flagship segment. Naturally, the new Mi 9T will be the successor to the Mi 9 that the company had launched some time back.

Unfortunately, there is not much that we know of the phone as yet. The company has only teased images of the phone depicting the front and rear, with almost everything else left to speculation.

However, as is evident from the image the company has released, the phone will be another one to have an all-screen front, devoid of any notch for the selfie cam. Worth mentioning here, the Mi 9 featured a water drop notch at the front to accommodate the selfie cam.

Also, with the notch gone, Xiaomi has gone for what has quickly become a sort of a de-facto industry standard, the pop-up camera housing the front cam. The company’s most recent high-profile launch, the K20 Pro also comes with a pop-up camera that can be deployed and retracted in less than a sec for capturing selfie shots.

It is not known though if the upcoming Mi 9T will also have the same pop-up design or if there is going to be some innovation on that front. The rear camera, however, comprises a vertical array of three lenses. The Mi 9 went for a 48 mp primary sensor complemented by a 16 mp ultra wide lens and a 12 mp telephoto lens. It’s not known if the same combination is going to be implemented in the new Mi 9T as well.

In the company released images, the top lens seems to have been highlighted perhaps signifying its primary lens status. The LED flash sits at the bottom of the vertical camera array and is made to seem like an insignificant dot.

The Mi 9 featured top-of-the-line SD 855 chipset along with 8 GB of RAM. That makes us believe the company will continue with just about the same setup in the Mi 9T as well. That includes the SD 855 chipset along with dollops of memory though maybe the company might spring a surprise and have something else to power the phone, like an in-house chip and so on.

More details are awaited.