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Google reveals official Pixel 4 design showing square camera housing at the rear

The upcoming new Pixel 4 has started its round of the internet, and Google too has joined the game this time. This is in addition to the plethora of unofficial leaks and renders that have already started to flood the online world even though it usually is late fall that Google unveils its new Pixel line-up.

In a tweet via an official Google Twitter account, the Pixel design team revealed partial shots of the upcoming Pixel device revealing some key aspects of the phone. Those include an elaborate camera set up at the rear containing multiple sensors included in a square housing this time.

This would be a far cry from the simple single lens camera that Google has been persisting with so far, defying industry trends where even entry-level smartphones have started to flaunt dual lens primary camera. More up-market devices come with at least a triple lens camera, if not more.

The official image, however, revealed a dual camera setup for the Pixel 4 though there sure is another sensor which likely is for ToF roles. Then there also is a tiny hole sort of a thing towards the lower right of the camera module, which analysts believe is the mic.

Also, while not discernible clearly, other leaks and renders we have had so far of the Pixel 4 reveal a considerable hump for the rear camera module. That, if true, will make it an ungainly sight. The Pixel phones meanwhile have always been lauded for its exceptional cameras and that is expected to continue with the new Pixel 4 range as well.

Among the other aspects that immediately meets the eye is a single physical button along the left which could be either a power button or a dedicated button to invoke the Google assistant. Worth mentioning, no such button exists on the Pixel 3 range which has all its physical assets arranged along the right.

The absence of bezels is another factor that marks the new Pixel 4 range, as has been evident in the leaks from other unofficial sources. Those also reveal a Galaxy S10-esque oval punch hole at the top right corner for the front camera. It could either be a dual camera setup or a single camera accompanied by a front flash.

Also, with the bottom bezel reduced significantly, that also means the end of the road for the front firing speaker. In that case, it likely has been placed along the bottom though it is not known if there is going to be a twin speaker setup or a single. The absence of a physical fingerprint sensor is also noticeable, which means it could either be placed underneath the display or within the side-mounted power button.

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Further, with Pixel 4 leaks becoming widespread, it remains to be seen if Google is aiming for an earlier release this time instead of the usual October launch window. What is a surety though is that there is going to be plenty more such leaks coming our way.