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Apple releases iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 public beta 2

Apple has released the second public beta of iOS 13 and iPadOS, which users can download via the settings app on their iOS and iPad devices. Also, the update is significant considering that it comes with around 200 new features for the iPhone while the iPadOS comes with 50 new features and enhancements.

Here are some of the cool new features that iPhone users can look forward to.

Prime among those include the Dark Mode which was long being anticipated.

The Dark Mode can again be scheduled as users have the option to set the mode post-sunset and so on, something akin to Night Shift mode. Then there are eight new wallpaper as well, half of which have been specially designed to suit the Dark Mode.

Another feature of the new iOS 13 beta is that Haptic Touch feature has gone one to replace the old 3D Touch. Similarly, there is the new Volume HUD interface which opens up on the side, just along with the volume rocker buttons.

Also, a nice addition is the new Siri Dictation feature in the search field which should allow for a more thorough search experience.

The Maps application too has gone for a thorough makeover and includes several cool new features. Those include Look Around and Browse Nearby features while the Favorites section too has gone for a whole new look.

Then there are some enhancements introduced in the connectivity realm as well, which includes Family Sharing and Allow Others to Join option for Personal Hotspot. There is the new Low data Mode as well which comes in handy when there is the need to save some data. These apart, Wi-Fi now comes with WPA3 support for enhanced security. Wi-Fi also includes Ask to Join Networks and Auto Join Hotspot options as well.

The keyboard too has several new feature additions which include the option to cut, copy or paste via gesture controls. The Memoji Stickers will henceforth be accessible via the keyboard itself while Memoji and Animoji stickers have now been introduced to older devices as well. The emoji and globe keys too have been separated for convenience.

The Control Center too has been reworked to allow for a comprehensive idea of the way the device or the various applications are functioning. The Share Sheet too has gone for a complete overhaul while Screen Time has also gone for a few enhancements which include Communication Limits or combined app limits. Then there are some cool accessibility features introduced as well with the latest update, which includes the ability to control the iPhone via voice controls.

The latest update also brings along a fresh new look for the various glyph in operation. That applies to the phone glyph, the Contacts tab glyph and so on. The latest update also brings along the option to create Memoji within Contacts itself while the Shortcuts too has gone for a makeover. The update also introduces a new app – Find My which serves to be the combination of two pre-existing apps – Find My iPhone and Find My Friends.

The Files app now comes with support for an external USB drive, SD card, or hard drive. The Health app too has gone for several additions such as the new dynamic Summary view or the Menstrual Cycle Tracking feature.

On the whole, the new iOS 13 beta comes with a whole host of new features and enhancements. In fact, the update seems to cover almost all facets of an iOS device with new features introduced for Mail, Camera, Photos, Clock, Calendar, Music, Messages and such.

New features that iPadOS 13 beta comes with:

There is now better multitasking features available which include the ability to invoke Slide Over apps from both sides of the display. Of course, there are several apps includes in Slide Over while users have the option to swipe between the Slide Over apps.

In fact, there is a whole new option available that aids in multitasking, something that Apple will like to uphold as one of the biggest USP of its new range of iPad devices. The Home screen is now able to accommodate 30 apps and comes with the new Today View feature along with the option to Pinned Favorites in Today View feature.

The Apple Pencil too has its fair share of new features which includes a new eraser, new ruler along with a new color palette button. The Apple Pencil also benefits from reduced latency as well.

The Screenshot interface too has been enhanced with the option to adjust the opacity. There is the new delete button as well for multiple screenshots. Also, much like iOS 13, there also is the option for full page screenshots with iPadOS 13 as well.

There is a new floating keyboard as well while much like the iOS 13, the iPadOS 13 too comes with integrated support for Xbox and PS4 controllers. The Reminders app to has gone for a complete overhaul, as is the Photos app. Files too have been redesigned to offer new Column view or new search filter. Plus, there is support for external drives as well.

In short, there is plenty on offer for iPad users with the new iPadOS 13 beta.