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Apple kills the old guard – MacBook Air and 12-inch MacBook

Apple surprised many by axing it’s $999 MacBook and 12-inch MacBook Pro laptops, forcing buyers to opt for the slightly more expensive MacBook Air that and 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Apple has rejigged its entire MacBook lineup with old devices axed and new devices launched. Among the devices that have been pushed to oblivion include the MacBook Air and the 12-inch MacBook.

Also, with the way things stand in Apple’s MacBook lineup at the moment, the new MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro are the new entry-level Apple laptops. However, that also makes for a $100 penalty considering that the new MacBook Air starts at $1099 compared to $999 for its predecessor.

In fact, the old MacBook Air used to be the go-to laptop device for college grads and young professionals. And much of that has to do with the decent specs it sported coupled to the sub-$1000 price tag. The $999 MacBook Air will continue to be available via only Apple’s Education Institute store.

With the erstwhile MacBook Pro reaching a dead end, it would also mark the end of the road for laptops with real physical keys. Buyers will now have to contend with MacBook devices that come with a touch bar which doesn’t exactly have a nice record to boast of.

Apple also hasn’t been too caring of the MacBook Pro or the 12-inch MacBook either.

It has been continuing with the same basic layout for the MacBook Pro when competitors have graduated to offering sleeker and slimmer devices having more powerful processors. The 12-inch MacBook too hasn’t seen an update since 2017.

All of that might make one feel its good to see the back of both laptops though there always are a distinct fan following for devices that have been there for so long. And that also is the reason many are lamenting the demise of the two laptops, more so when the company does not have anything too exciting to replace the retiring devices.

In fact, Apple has been having a hard time dealing with inconsistent keyboard performance with its present crop of MacBook devices. That also is the reason Apple has decided to opt for traditional scissor keyboard in place of the more classy yet trouble-prone butterfly keyboard in operation with current MacBook devices.

Also, while the demise of two laptops means Apple has just two devices to offer, the company had earlier hinted it will have new MacBook to offer to start 2020. Maybe there is going to be just a couple of MacBook available to buy till then.