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Tinder defies Google Play policies by accepting in-app payments

Tinder is the latest company to lend their voice to the growing chorus of those who chose to defy the app store, whether be it that of Google or Apple.
However, Tinder’s defiance is a bit different in that it is the first company to accept payment information right inside its Google app.

Also, while Tinder is asking its users to enter their payment details, the same is getting saved in the company’s own servers.
With this done, the users are also losing the option to go back to Google Play Store for future transactions, thereby completely ignoring the Google app store pay structure.

Tinder, however, has chosen to describe their latest adventurism as just an experiment. The dating site said they constantly look for new ways to make using their services easier, and that the latest efforts are well a part of such a process.

Tinder’s approach is also like waiting for Google to respond after it has already taken the initial step. If that be so then maybe the dating site is keeping its options open and might even roll back the initiatives taken so far. It’s not known if the company is planning something similar with its Apple app as well.

Among the other companies that have chosen to ignore their respective app store guidelines include Spotify. The music streaming company though has sued Apple on the issue with the case being heard at the European Commission. Netflix too has been accepting subscriptions outside of the Apple App Store while Epic Games, developer of one of the most popular video game – Fortnite has said it won’t be made available at the Play Store.


Google meanwhile hasn’t responded to the development so far. However, the trend is only expected to grow in the coming days and could play spoilsport in the multi-billion dollar app store business currently dominated by Apple and Google. Both Apple and Google take a cut of around 30 percent for any in-app purchases, something that the app developers have strong exception to.