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Google testing Play Pass service, might cost $4.99 per month when launched

Google Play Pass that was known to be in the works for some time already is now a step closer to reality. Or maybe it’s just a step away from being a reality given that Google has confirmed they are currently testing the feature even though a final launch date is yet elusive.

For those not in the knowing, Google’s Play Pass happens to be a new subscription service mooted by the Mountain View company and will allow members access to a host of premium apps that otherwise require upfront or recurring payment. With a Play pass subscription, members won’t have to commit to any sort of payment with the apps, which applies to in-app purchases as well.

According to information currently available, Google is reported to be testing with a monthly subscription plan of just $4.99 though the final price could change once the service becomes official. Also, hundreds of apps are currently being showcased to be part of the Play Pass club, which includes several popular gaming titles as well those spanning across the action or puzzle genre.

The Play pass can also be considered to be a direct response to a similar service from Apple named Apple Arcade. However, Apple Arcade too is in the conceptual service even though the basic plan remains the same, that of providing access to a bouquet of a premium app to members as per a monthly plan.

Apple though has stated apps that are part of Apple Arcade will be accessible across a range of platforms such as the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and such.

It’s not known so far if Google too is thinking along similar lines, whether Play Pass apps would be accessible via Android TV and so on.

Meanwhile, experts continue to be sceptical if a Play Pass sort of a plan can be a success on the Android platform. That has much to do with the usual tendency among Android users who are known to be less inclined to pay for the apps they use. In contrast, Apple users have been found to spend more on their apps and hence aren’t expected to be averse to an Apple Arcade sot of service as well.