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Pixel and Pixel XL owners can get up to $500 compensation for faulty mic

All those who might have bought the first generation Pixel and Pixel XL phones qualify to at least a $20 compensation. That’s the amount that Google agreed to pay as per a settlement in a class-action lawsuit that the company faced on charges of selling Pixel phones with a faulty mic, which the plaintiff claim has been an intentional act.

The maximum amount the buyers are liable to get is, however, a quite decent $500 though qualifying for that much will require one to prove the microphone on the Pixel they bought has malfunctioned, and that they faced the issue on multiple Pixel devices.

In other cases, the compensation amount would remain at $350 if the error is proved on a single Pixel device via suitable documentation. Anyone who doesn’t qualify the above regulations can claim refunds of just $20. Any amount paid as insurance deductible will also be refunded as per the provision of the court ruling.

Yet another criterion for owners to get the compensation is that the Pixel or Pixel XL handsets are required to have been manufactured before January 4, 2017; and that the owners weren’t provided with a replacement unit manufactured after January 3, 2017, or even a refurbished unit post-June 5, 2017. All those who meet the above guidelines and have suitable documentation to prove the same have time till October 7, 2019, to submit their claims.

All of the above amount is part of the $7.25 million bounty that Google has agreed to pay as part of the settlement deal reached in the courts. Anyone not agreeing to the above terms will also have time till Oct. 7 of this year to initiate a fresh legal action against Google.

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The amount each one is likely to receive is also not fixed as the figure is expected to vary depending upon how many submit their claims or opt to pursue a fresh legal action and so on. In that case, the amount each one is likely to get might even increase if there aren’t enough claimant to distribute the amount to.