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Intel launches 8 new 10th gen Comet Lake family of 14nm chips

Intel announced the launch of new 10th generation processors which forms part of its Comet Lake series of chips. Specifically, the new chip series comes with the designation ‘Y’ and ‘U’ to identify it from the rest.

Another interesting aspect of the latest Comet Lake chip series is that those are manufactured using the 14nm process, which makes it slightly less capable than the 10nm Ice Lake chips that Intel had launched earlier. Among the downsides of the latest Comet Lake family is that those won’t be as performance-oriented as its Ice Lake counterparts, while battery efficiency too is going to be another disadvantage.

The new 10th gen Comet Lake chips will also not be as capable in handling graphics-rich processing as well, which means action-packed games could be a pain on Comet Lake enabled devices. This, unless the devices come with dedicated GPUs that can handle the graphics processing leaving the Intel chip to be engaged with something else.

That said, the Comet Lake chips aren’t a complete dud either, and can surely hold on to its own in a suitably configured device. Succeeding the 8th Gen Whiskey Lake chips, the new Comet Lake chips are all about enhanced clock speed. For instance, the Core i7-10710U boasts of 6 cores and 12 threads along with a base frequency of 1.1 GHz, which again can be stretched to a max of 4.7 GHz.

Among its other advantages include its capability to support LPDDR4 RAM, which can ensure a huge performance advantage compared to DDR3 RAM enabled devices. Plus, the 10th gen Comet Lake chips are equally capable of Thunderbolt 3 and Wi-Fi 6 as well, thereby ensuring better connectivity convenience.

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As for its availability, the first Comet Lake enabled devices should be ready for market debut by the end of this year itself. That makes it bang in the middle of the holiday shopping season. Intel is targeting thin and light laptops with its new Comet Lake chips and it’s now up to the manufacturers to tap into all the capabilities that the latest 10th gen Intel Comet Lake chips have to offer.