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Samsung Galaxy Fold set for Korean debut on Sept. 6

The Galaxy Fold, the foldable phone that started with grossly negative rumors concerning the state of its hardware had led many to perhaps write off the device for sure, is back. However, belying all such concerns, Samsung announced the Galaxy Fold is back in the reckoning and that it is all set to go on sale in Korea starting September 6 itself.

Samsung also said the Galaxy Fold on offer is the same specs-wise as was launched back in spring but has been strengthened to ensure there are none of the issues as was encountered with the initial lot. That includes a comprehensive reinforcement for the foldable screen so that the outer protective layer has now been stretched to the bezels and wrapped around beyond to ensure there is no scope as such for anyone to peel it off without physically damaging the display.

One of the biggest grouses with reviewers of an initial lot of Galaxy Fold devices was the manner the display broke leading to permanent damage to the display. In what can also be considered to be an example of shoddy design efforts on part of Samsung, the external plastic sheath meant for protecting the foldable display was left pasted in such a manner that led many to believe it’s perfect to peel it off.

The display in some Galaxy Fold devices also developed bumps as a result of some foreign object making its way to the interior of the device, which is another glaring example of bad design engineering. Samsung assured all of those issues has been taken care of and that there are least chances of any of such happening ever again.

To further allay user doubts on the device, Samsung also announced the launch of what is being called as the ‘Galaxy Fold Premier Service’. This would make available trained experts who can be reached anytime and, on all days, and will respond to any queries or issues that the user may have.

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However, the company announced the Galaxy Fold is being offered on sale in South Korea initially where it’s slated to go on sale on Sept. 6. There is no word yet as to when the foldable phone will make it to Stateside though Samsung claimed that’s going to happen within the coming weeks. Unofficial sources maintain the phone will launch in the US on Sept. 27.