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Google Pixel 4 gets leaked extensively months before its likely launch

Google has had a poor record of keeping its upcoming launches out of prying eyes and the yet to be launched Pixel 4 is the latest victim of what can be considered to be a mismanaged prelaunch drill. And among the things that have come to the fore is the entire phone itself, complete with its internal software makeup and such.

Also, coming as it does close on the heels of the launch of the iPhone 11 family, the striking similarity of the rear camera module is something that strikes the most. For the Pixel 4 too has the same square camera housing situated at the top left corner.

The arrangement of the lenses is a bit different though while there is the same triple-lens arrangement for the camera module. The Pixel phones have always been known for their stupendous picture quality and there is no reason to believe the Pixel 4 won’t be continuing with the legacy.

The sample image that has surfaced online does uphold the above with a low-light photo looking impressive. Held alongside is the same image taken with a Pixel 3 and even though the changes aren’t massive, those aren’t hard to miss either. The sample image taken with the Pixel 4 does have a bit more clarity compared to the same taken with a Pixel 3.

Google meanwhile does not seem to be the least bothered with the all-screen mania that has the entire smartphone industry in its grips. For the images leaked online shows massive bezels – as per recent standards – along the top and to some extent at the bottom as well.

The leaked video, however, shows the internal setup of the device which runs the latest Android 10. The lack of physical controls are evident right away and the phone is shown being operated using gesture controls. The phone also lacks a physical fingerprint sensor, which means it might be having it under the display even though that hasn’t been demoed in the video.

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What has been shown though is a face unlocking mechanism and Google might have incorporated something more secure and reliable this time than what the latest crop of Android phones pass off as face unlocking mechanism. What remains to be seen is whether it’s as secure as fingerprint sensors have come to be in recent times.

Another interesting feature that got revealed is the phone’s variable display refresh rate which can vary from a high of 90 Hz to a more battery pleasing 60 Hz. While 90 Hz is safe for the eyes and allows for super-smooth scrolling, the reason anyone would want to switch back to 60 Hz is battery life concerns. Higher the refresh rate, higher is the battery drain.

An audio recorder app that is preinstalled in the device is evident too. The same should enable users to record audio and maybe all that is on the display as well. Its workings remain a mystery as of now and maybe we will get to know more about it in future leaks. Till then, it’s a handy feature, to say the least.

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Color options include one where the phone is shown having a white back and matte black front and side panels with the power button done up in a contrasting shade of orange. The entire arrangement looks eye-catching, it must be said. Then there is a separate black model as well along with another having orange/coral shade. The rear camera module has a black shade to it and contrasts well with all three color variants of the phone.

As for its specs, no points for guessing the phone will be powered by a Snapdragon 855 chipset. There is going to be a 6 GB RAM for the company while the bigger Pixel 4 XL is known to have a 6.23-inch display lit up by 3040 x 1440 pixels. No launch window is known so far but that is likely to happen on October 15, 2019.

Featured image is a still from AnhEm TV’s video.