Home News Apple reveals Vision Pro at WWDC 2023, to cost an eye-popping $3,499

Apple reveals Vision Pro at WWDC 2023, to cost an eye-popping $3,499

At the WWDC 2023 keynote, Apple unveiled the Vision Pro as a standalone headset with a distinctive design that sets it apart from existing headsets on the market. Apple’s approach to user interaction stands out as well, as the headset utilizes voice input, hand gestures, and eye tracking, foregoing traditional controllers. Users can perform intuitive gestures like finger-pinching for selection and pinch-slide motions for scrolling, all while maintaining a comfortable hand position.

Apple has developed a new operating system called visionOS specifically for the Vision Pro, combining elements of iOS and macOS. The device is powered by Apple’s R1 chip and an M2 processor, ensuring responsive and lag-free standalone performance. The digital crown, reminiscent of the Apple Watch, serves as a navigation tool, allowing users to access app icons and seamlessly transition between augmented reality and immersive experiences.

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One unique feature of the Vision Pro is EyeSight, which leverages the curved display on the exterior of the headset to display the wearer’s eyes and reactions. This adds a new level of expressiveness to the mixed reality experience.

While the Apple Vision Pro’s cutting-edge features and design are impressive, it comes with a significant price tag. Priced at $3,499, the Vision Pro is positioned as a premium offering, with availability slated for early 2024. International customers will need to exercise further patience as the release outside the United States will take additional time.

In a recent interview on “Good Morning America,” Apple CEO Tim Cook provided insights into the groundbreaking technology behind the newly unveiled Apple Vision Pro and addressed concerns about its affordability. During the interview with Robin Roberts, Cook acknowledged that the Apple Vision Pro might be beyond the financial reach of many individuals due to its high price tag. However, he emphasized that the cost is justified by the “mind-blowing” engineering packed into the device.

Addressing concerns about users becoming isolated from the real world, Cook emphasized that maintaining connection rather than isolation was a key consideration during the development of the Vision Pro. The goal is to make users feel like they are sharing experiences with others, enhancing connectivity rather than detaching from reality. Cook also highlighted the exceptional engineering involved in the Apple Vision Pro, highlighting that each eye provides more than a 4K experience, which adds to the overall value of the device.

Apple’s foray into mixed reality with the Vision Pro represents a significant leap forward in the realm of spatial computing. With its innovative features, unique design, and commitment to connectivity, the Vision Pro aims to redefine the way users interact with digital experiences.