Home Technology YouTube changes its posting guidelines that could promote more violent videos

YouTube changes its posting guidelines that could promote more violent videos

YouTube has introduced new regulations that supposedly will make it easier for gaming video creators to show more violent content without the fear of their videos getting age-restricted. According to what YouTube revealed, the video sharing site will be adopting the same approach to scripted or simulated violence as is applicable in the case of TV shows and movies.

The company took to Twitter to announce the decision where it, however, mentioned videos depicting scripted or simulated violence may get approved if those match the same guidelines that apply to movies and TV shows. This does keep a window open for such videos to not get approved after all. Further, the company also stated those videos where the sole focus is to depict violence will continue to be age gated as before.

The company also justified its move claiming such changes make things consistent when it comes to having the same set of rules governing the depiction of violence in movies or television shows and videos hosted on its platform. The video sharing site also stressed their policy towards content that seems to have the sole aim of showing violence continues to remain unchanged, and that those will be suitably age gated as before.

Meanwhile, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki also admitted finding advertisers who’d like to promote stuff on gaming videos is often tricky compared to videos in other genres. YouTube content creators who specialize on gaming related videos have often expressed their frustrations about the lack of enough ads, this unless the video is about games such as Minecraft or Fortnite which are considered suitable for the entire family.

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CEO Wojcicki though said they are still working with the advertisers and are even looking to work with them even further to allay whatever restrictions they might have when it comes putting their ads on such videos. The chief executive though said it is still a bit uphill at the moment considering that the general tendency among the advertisers have been to stay clear of videos on sensitive subjects, with gaming being high on that list.