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Facebook Gaming gets two new exclusive Pokémon titles

Facebook announced the launch of two new Pokémon games which have been developed exclusively for playing on its platform. Named Pokémon Tower Battle and Pokémon Medallion Battle, the two games can be played on the Facebook Gaming tab as well as the bookmark on the social networking site.

Developed by GCTurbo, Pokémon Medallion Battle is however available only in the Asia-Pacific region for now. Facebook explained that’s because the game is in a soft-launch mode at the moment but will be introduced to more regions in the world in due course of time. There are no time frames committed to that at the moment though.

The Pokémon Tower Battle is the more matured of the two and is enjoying a worldwide reach already. The game has been developed by Bombay Play and involves players stacking Pokémon against one another.

This way, they end up creating the tallest Pokémon tower, which is what the game is all about in the first place.

Players also get to come across new Pokémon and catch the rare ones as they progress through the layers. They also have the option to play, or rather compete against others both from their friend circles or on a global scale where the current individual scores will be shown on a global leader-board.

With the Pokémon Medallion Battle, things are a bit different in that it’s a card-based game though players still need to have the right strategy to emerge on top. Specifically, players will have to collect, battle and evolve Pokémon in medallion form. The final aim is to win gym badges besides completing their Pokedex. What’s more, there is going to be new Pokémon introduced every month, letting players create better decks each time.

The launch of the new Pokémon series of games on Facebook is significant as this is the first time that the games have been launched exclusively on Facebook Gaming. Pokémon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara said they are thrilled with the development as this will enable players to enjoy the game in digital format.

And that’s a huge platform to tap into considering that its more than 700 million Facebook users who play games on Facebook, besides also engaging in gaming groups or watching related videos.