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LG tipped to launch 5G capable V60 ThinQ dual-screen at MWC

The Mobile World Congress is the next big tech event to look forward to, and though it’s still some months away, there already are reports of what to expect during the event. For instance, a South Korean publication is claiming to have an insight of what LG plans to do during the event, which includes unveiling the new LG V60 ThinQ.

For the tech geeks, the V60 ThinQ should already be ringing a bell. For the device happens to be the successor to the V50 ThinQ that LG unveiled at this year’s edition of the MWC. And not unsurprisingly, the new V60 is also expected to carry forward the unique traits of its predecessor, which includes the dual-screen setup.

However, according to what is known so far, the upcoming V60 is set to feature a completely new mechanism to make it possible to include two screens while also making them both work in unison. As is already well known, it has almost become customary for companies worth it’s salt to have a dual-screen phone in its portfolio.

In that vein, the Galaxy Fold is to Samsung what the Mate X is to Huawei, or for that matter, the Moto Razr is to Motorola. However, LG has had a slightly different take with its approach to foldable phone offering a dual-screen setup. So, instead of having a single screen phone that folded along the middle, the V50 ThinQ featured ‘free stop hinge technology’ to include two separate displays that worked as one when attached.

With the new V60 set to feature something different to accommodate a dual-screen layout, it remains to be seen how that pans out eventually, or how different it is going to be compared to the current V50. Or maybe LG might have something completely different up its sleeve and surprise us all with a foldable phone as well.

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What is also known of the V60 ThinQ is that it is going to be a 5G capable phone. That apart, it is going to feature Snapdragon 865 processor is almost a surety too. Unfortunately, there is nothing else that we know of the V60 ThinQ at the moment but there likely will be quite a few leaks and renders coming our way in the coming days and weeks in the runup to the actual launch of the device during MWC in February.