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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Ultra-Thin Glass panel prone to scratches

The foldable display of the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Z Flip may not be as durable as is being claimed by its makers, or so found the JerryRigEverything test. The ultra-thin glass was found to pick up scratches from Level 2 of the test itself.

Compared to conventional smartphones having a rigid glass, the same is known to be prone to scratches only at level 6 with deeper grooves appearing at level 7. However, with the Z Flip, damage starts getting quite considerable at level 3 itself, which is the same sort of behaviour expected off plastic displays.

Interestingly, the finding puts the Z Flip on the same footing as the company’s Galaxy Fold as well as the Moto Razr, both of which come with a plastic display. That makes the Z Flip to be not as immune to scratches as the rigid glass displays on any modern smartphone.

The above results also sharply contradict what Samsung had claimed during the launch of the Z Flip, that the ultra-thin glass layer being quite durable to withstand breaking forces while displaying a high degree of bendability that could withstand bends for over 200,000 times.

The South Korean company also responded to the above tests and stated the Z Flip display has a protective layer on top similar to that on the Galaxy Fold. However, it’s not known for sure if it is the outer protective layer that is picking up the scratches with the inner glass remaining intact. There wasn’t any proof of the glass fracturing during the tests as well.

Samsung also stated Galaxy Z Flip buyers are eligible for a one-time screen replacement offer for $119. On top of this, the company is also offering a special protector that has been designed specifically for the Z Flip and is to be fitted only by trained Samsung staff to allow for proper alignment and fitment.

The Z Flip has recently gone on sale in the US and other regions for $1380 and is expected to be launched in other parts of the world soon.