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New Qualcomm Snapdragon 768G with better graphics will make 5G phones more affordable

Qualcomm has taken the wraps off of its latest chip offering, the new Snapdragon 768G which the company said will pave the way for phone manufacturers to design more 5G phones in the mid-range segment.

According to Qualcomm, the inherent advantage with the new SD 768G is that it comes with an integrated 5G modem, which is unlike the company’s flagship processor, the SD865. This resulted in SD 865 powered 5G phones to be priced in the above $1000 price bracket. With the new SD768G, Qualcomm is hoping the 5G enabled handsets to be priced in the vicinity of $500 or so.

Another positive with the new SD 768G is its enhanced graphics capability. In fact, the ‘G’ suffix in the chip’s name refers to Gaming to denote it is more gaming optimised than any of its peers. Qualcomm said the Adreno 620 GPU that the SD768G comes with makes the chip 15 percent more capable in graphics processing than the SD 765G that was introduced late last year.

As it is, the 765G itself was touted as a graphics optimised processor. That makes it truly incredible for Qualcomm to be able to launch a sequel to it in less than 6 months’ time with even faster graphics abilities. That again is just part of the story as the 768G also boasts of a faster Kryo 475 CPU that now clocks at 2.8GHz, up from the 2.4GHz that the SD 765G is capable of.

The new 768G also comes with support for Adreno updatable GPU drivers, a feature that was first introduced with the likes of the SD 865 range of chips.

Also, what it means is you will be able to download GPU update driver right from the app store itself. That again translates to the best possible gaming experience each time.

In the end, what can be said is that the new 7 series of Qualcomm chips such as the 768G or the 765G isn’t built to offer the same levels of performance as the flagship SD865. Rather, with a more modest performance, the chips are built to power a new class of mid-range phones having decent gaming capabilities while also being 5G ready.

Meanwhile, notable handsets featuring the new SD768G include the Redmi K30 5G which also is the first phone to come equipped with the said chip.