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Rumored Pixel 4a with 128 GB at $349 price could be too hot for the iPhone SE to handle

The sub $400 smartphone segment is suddenly buzzing with activity post the launch of the new 2020 iPhone SE. However, the entry-level iPhone SE will soon have company in the form of the Pixel 4a which seems to be shaping up to be a worthy competitor to the Apple smartphone.

Rather, Apple may have a lot to worry with the Pixel 4a what with new found rumors claiming it to be priced as low as just $349. As Stephen Hall of 9to5Google has revealed in a tweet message, the Pixel 4a priced $349 could pack in a 128 GB storage. If that be true, it will undercut the iPhone SE considerably as the Apple smartphone with the same sized storage is priced $449. The iPhone SE too starts at $399 but that applies to the 64 GB model.

Another phone that too has been making quite some noise in the segment is the Samsung Galaxy A51. The A51 is being pitched as a competitor to the iPhone SE but may find it hard to compete with the Google phone at that price point. Meanwhile, OnePlus Z which is speculated to be the more affordable version of its flagship OnePlus 8 series of phones is another phone targeting the segment.

Coming back to the Pixel 4a, the other positive factor in favor of the phone, apart from price of course, will be its camera. Now Pixel devices have always been known for its camera performance, and the same should come to apply to the Pixel 4a as well.

That way, expect to see the 12 mp primary camera of the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 3a to make its way to the Pixel 4a as well. The same applies to the selfie camera too, which could be a direct rip off from the preceding Pixel devices.

Apart from the basic hardware, Google is also known to pack in some amazing imaging software as well on its Pixel devices. Of particular mention can be the astrophotography mode which too is touted to feature in the new Pixel 4a. Just in case you aren’t aware, the particular mode let’s capture the night sky in all its pristine glory.

No word yet exactly when the new Pixel 4a is going to come our way, though earlier rumors had claimed that to happen around June.